How to choose a transport company in the UK

In some ways, it sounds easy. What could be so hard? It’s just a haulage company right? But there are actually many factors that should be taken under consideration when choosing the best transport company.

Choosing the best haulage company

Your reputation as a business needs to be protected. You’ll want to ensure that it’s not damaged as a result of choosing the wrong haulage partner. A significant consideration should be should be placed on the selection process when employing the services of a reliable UK transport company.

What are your reasons for choosing a new Haulier?

Whatever your reasons are for looking at new haulage companies, you’re going to find it beneficial if you get it right at the first time of asking. Perhaps you have different reasons for undertaking the search; need to outsource your transport needs, or need ad-hoc support services to go along side your existing transport fleet.

Whatever your requirements are – it’ll all bore down to a need to keep your own clients happy. It’s critical that your order fulfilment is prioritised during your selection process.

Do you choose a new to market haulage partner?

Many find it tempting to to choose the ‘latest’ transport company in the market. Will it be different? Do they have new and efficient procedures? Just some of the questions that go through our minds. But is it wise to let newbies get involved? The simple answer is no. Why take the risk? There’s no history of great service for a start.

There are many long established haulage companies in the UK.

The longer a haulage company is established, the more of a record it keeps. Go and find a haulage company you like the look of and do some research on the one you’re think of choosing. You might find that as a rule of thumb, you get what you pay for. Choosing a service provider on price alone is not advisable.

Fully research the options available – do they have things like a testimonials page? Have you done a Google search on the company to try and see if there any third part independent reviews that have been written on them?

So what next?

So when you’ve done your research and you’re ready to make contact, you’ll need to make sure your asking the right questions; such as asking about the companies history, who its major clients are, what sort of success they have achieved in the past.

Any good transport business in the UK will be happy to answer these sorts of questions – so if you don’t a warm response – it’s likely to be that there’s something to hide.

Why not speak to one of their clients and see how the relationship has been historically between them. Possibly too much, but why not try to obtain a reference? Up to you.

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