Pallet Delivery, It’s About Service

Saturday, August 10, 2013 – 10:00
Are you using the right pallet delivery service?

Pallet delivery companies just like us, deliver thousands of pallets every day. So what is it that makes their service so attractive to potential clients?

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Flexibility on quantity offered?

Time offered for delivery?

Level of insurance offered?

Maybe customers just don’t know where else to go. When you look closely at the service being offered and the promises being made is it actually right for your company?

Lots of pallet companies refuse to offer the levels of insurance that cover the replacement value of the goods being sent, remember this is a bulk service, you as the client will not have a clue as to what vehicle is turning up at your clients premise or how the driver talks to your client or even how well presented they are, they are after all representing your business.

It’s the detail that counts…

In tough times in business the details matter, its not only about cutting costs and taking short cuts its about maintaining your relationship with your clients, it does not matter whether its business to business or business to consumer, reputation and service are often what’s talked about and as beneficial as word of mouth marketing can be it can also be damming to your business.

You have to be sure that you choose a haulage partner that reflects your business.

Next time you want to send a pallet out ask your delivery company a few questions as above and if you don’t get the answers you want, be sure to give the opportunity: 01788 571102

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